Pet Dental Cleaning

Pet Dental Cleaning in West Richland, WA

If you are ready to begin pet dental cleaning for your pet, we want to help. Here at Paws, Claws, and Hooves Veterinary Center in West Richland, WA, our veterinarian will treat pets, as well as livestock and show animals. Whether you have a pocket pet, such as a gerbil or guinea pig, or a large size dog like a Great Dane or German Shepherd, we have the dental services your pet needs. Learn more about our pet dental cleaning for domestic pets, as well as specialized dental services for livestock or show animals.


About Pet Dental Cleaning

Getting your pet to the veterinarian for dental cleanings allows our vets Dr. Jennifer Corwin and Dr. Emily Weier to do a comprehensive oral exam. They can check for visual indicators of cancerous growths, traumatic injuries, open wounds, and infected gums. From here, a dental cleaning allows our vets to remove any tartar, bacteria, and debris that may be found in your pet’s mouth. 

This is super beneficial in helping keep the overall level of bacteria down in an animal’s body. This is important when you have pets that suffer an oral injury. If they have a lot of bad bacteria or germs, this can get into the wound leading to serious conditions including sepsis, which is fatal. By maintaining good dental hygiene through regular pet dental cleaning, you are able to reduce such health risks.

What to Expect during Dental Cleanings

The first step will be to put your pet under general anesthesia. This reduces the risk of injury to your pet or to our technicians and vets as we carry out the dental cleaning. After we do a visual exam of your pet’s mouth and gums, we will perform a digital x-ray if needed. This is to review for any underlying damage or concerns with gum and tooth development and alignment. From there we provide recommendations for any additional dental care or oral treatments that might be needed for the health of your pet.

Get a Dental Cleaning for Your Pet in West Richland, WA

When you choose Paws, Claws, and Hooves Veterinary Center for your pet's dental cleaning, you have access to several other services. For starters, we offer a free nail trim with your pet’s first visit, as well as a mobile vaccine clinic and a drive-thru pet pharmacy. Join our pet community and bring your dog, cat, reptile, or other pet in for a pet dental cleaning today. Contact Paws, Claws, and Hooves Veterinary Center at 509-578-1729 today to schedule an appointment. 

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