Pet Microchipping

Here at Paws, Claws, and Hooves Veterinary Center in West Richland, we are strong advocates of microchipping pets. We want every pet to find their way home when they get lost. Below is some information about pet microchipping and how it works. 


What Is Microchipping?

Microchips are small electronic chips enclosed in cylinders made of glass. They are no bigger than the size of a grain of rice. The chips contain a number that can be scanned by an instrument available at animal hospitals or shelters across the country. Your contact information is stored in the microchip and loaded up to a national database. In some areas, your pet's medical information is also on file. This helps greatly in case of an emergency.

How is a Microchip Implanted?

There is absolutely no need for anesthesia when getting your pet microchipped. Your veterinarian, either Dr. Jennifer Corwin, Dr. Emily Weier, or Dr. Walkenhorst, will inject the chip under your pet's skin with a regular hypodermic needle. Most animals will feel a slight pinch, and there are no side effects when getting microchipped.

How Microchipping Works

When a pet is found, it is taken to a shelter or nearby veterinarian, and scanned for a chip. If a chip is located, the vet or staff will look up the pet's owner's information in the national database. Once the information has been found, the animal hospital or shelter staff can then contact the owner.

It has been estimated that only twenty-one percent of unchipped dogs are safely returned to their owners. On the other hand, about fifty-two percent of those with microchips are returned. The numbers for cats are a bit lower because cats are more likely to remain hidden when scared, but thirty-eight percent of microchipped cats are returned home. Only one percent of those without chips are reunited with their families.

Contact Our Veterinarians in West Richland for More Information

Dr. Corwin, Dr. Weier, and Dr. Walkenhorst believes one of the greatest joys is being able to reunite families and their beloved pets. Contact us at Paws, Claws, and Hooves today to set up an appointment. Give yourself and your pet the best possible chance of reuniting should they accidentally get separated from you. Call 509-578-1729 today.

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